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Saturday, 12 March 2022 17:51

Russia - Ukraine

Russland – Ukraine – Europa: Man kann getrost „Welt“ hinzufügen. Der Krieg, den Russland gegenwärtig gegen den kleinen Nachbarn führt, berührt durch seine humanitären - Tod und Vertreibung – und durch seine ökonomischen Dimensionen – Sanktionen und Energieversorgung – den ganzen Globus. Die ohnehin zerbrechliche Glaubwürdigkeit und Verlässlichkeit, die die Grundlage für internationale Politik sind, korrodieren infolge von falschen und widersprüchlichen Erklärungen und Verhaltensweisen der russischen Regierung. Eine Großmacht mit dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin an der Spitze, versucht, mit Gewalt ihre Interessen durchzusetzen. Völkerrecht wird gebrochen. Die bitteren Lehren von zwei Weltkriegen scheinen zu Makulatur erklärt worden zu sein.

Die folgenden Notizen stammen aus mehreren Quellen und wurden auch deshalb in Englisch formuliert.   

Fake news everywhere? After the disastrous and unethical policy of the American president Donald Trump we experience the unethical behaviour of a Russian president. Step by step we are learning that not only politicians in the West got false news from the Russian government. Even ordinary people in Russia got false informations about the situation in Ukraine. What was worse and still is the disinformation of Russian soldiers who were told to go to Ukraine and fight Nazism-Fascism. The truth is that Ukraine is not a Fascist state and did not start the present war. Isn’t it true that there is only one man, Vladimir Putin, who set on the fire of war because he wants to re-establish a Russian empire? Isn’t it true that ordinary people in Ukraine, children, women and men, are being killed? Isn’t it true that Russian soldiers are also dying? Isn’t it true that not only the Ukrainian but also the Russian ordinary people are or will be suffering from the war? The truth is that Russian women cannot forget and forgive that so many of their husbands and sons were killed in Afghanistan and elsewhere. So why is this war at all?

Swiss author Max Frisch and prescience: Read Ann O’Kelly’s Irish perspective of a well known story: Our Russian friend and our reaction to recent events reminded me of Max Frisch’s Biedermann und die Brandstifter (The Fireraisers), which story I remember reading in Max Frisch’s Tagebuch many years ago. 

It’s very apt for today: Biedermann (Mr Everyman, Mr Citizen) allows this homeless guy to live in his attic, yes it’s a bit worrying to have this guy in the attic, but one has to be nicey-nice - and sieh da, next day the house is still standing. And then the first guy brings along a friend, who is just out of prison, and yes, imprisoned for arson, that’s worrying, but sieh da, next day the house is still standing. And then they start bringing in little barrels and they drop one and it suddenly smells like petrol. So you ask what is the petrol for? And the prison guy says he wants to burn the city down – what a joker – and he’s waiting for the wind to be in the right direction. But sieh da, next day the house is still standing, and you invite them to breakfast, and the prison guy is hanging out the window judging the wind direction and the other guy has gone to get wood chips. So you invite them to supper instead and open a few bottles of wine and they ask you for matches, but you don’t give them, you just light their cigarettes, not that wanting matches is at all suspicious. But as they leave after the third bottle and you are saying that we all should trust one another, they ask again for matches, and you give them the matches, as a real arsonist would of course have his own matches - and sieh da, next morning, you are burned to cinders and can’t even be amazed at this turn of events… 1948 that’s from and Frisch calls it a Burlesque – made it into a play later… Oh dear. Prescient…. (London, 04 March 2022)

Solidarity with Ukraine: Help where you can and show your sympathy with Ukraine. Look and hear how Western musicians declared their solidarity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDkV_vyA8wM

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